Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cape Cod

The ocean and sunshine make Florida a difficult place to complain about but we are lacking in the foliage department -- big time. We're missing out, folks!

Chris and I spent a long weekend in Cape Cod with my mom, stepdad and little sister in the beginning of October. We stayed in the most charming cape house (Thanks, Caroline!).  If you don't believe me, see for yourself:

Charming, right?

Since Chris had never been to Boston, we spent our first day in the city sightseeing, shopping, watching street performers and like any good tourist, eating. We're really great tourists, what can I say?

We were able to spend an evening in Provincetown and couldn't have had a better time if we tried, I loved it. Ladies, if you're thinking about a girls weekend, consider PTown.  It's such an eclectic town, full of character, cute shops and unique people. My mother grew up in Massachusetts and she visited Provincetown every summer as a little girl, so it was really exciting to experience it with her.

The rest of our trip was spent exploring Cape Cod and we couldn't help but fall in love. We stopped by Hole in One every single day (literally) for breakfast and of course, fresh donuts. If you ever get a chance to go to Cape Cod, you have to grab a donut from here. It's almost reason enough to go, I promise. I was also able to see one of my favorite friends (EVER!) from college, Coryn. We picked up right where we left off, laughing. Friends like that are the greatest. She met us in Hyannis for a delicious, filling and ridiculously expensive lunch at Brazilian Grill

The cape house we stayed in was only a mile from the beach, so on our last day we bundled up and headed down there for the most breathtaking sunrise.

I am already planning our next trip to the cape (Chris is planning our next move)! We can't wait to go back.

I absolutely geeked out when I realized this was the Cape Cod chips logo. 

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