Sunday, February 22, 2015

Texas, give me back my husband.

And here I sit in the San Antonio airport with blotchy eyes and an overly-stuffed suitcase. Today marks three weeks since my husband and I have been living in separate states. We knew for months that military training school would take him out of Florida for five months but I never let it register. I just couldn't deal and to be completely honest part of me still can't. Exhibit A: Girl in Airport Crying and Blogging.

The last three weeks have been tough, I am learning to live on my own for the first time in three years and it's weird. Not to mention, I am a huge wheenie when it comes to the dark. I am so grateful my brother is living with me to protect me from the boogieman lurking in the closet.

Thankfully, Chris' school allows him to have weekends off and I was able to fly in on Thursday night to spend the weekend with him. Sidenote: This was my first trip to Texas and let me tell you, people LOVE big belt buckles, love them. Chris gave me quite the tour of San Antonio. On Friday, we had a wonderful meal overlooking San Antonio at Chart House.

On Saturday, Chris and I went to the natural caverns. SO COOL. If you ever come to San Antonio, you must go! It was truly a site to be seen. And for a girl who is not outdoorsy, that's saying a lot.
Man, I really just missed this face so much. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially knowing it will be a while before I get to see him again. He's my person and being away from him is no fun. But no matter how sad it makes me,  I know he's doing what he loves and this is temporary (I repeat this to myself a lot).

I have always had so much respect for military families but now more than ever, I am getting a glimpse of what their lives are like. And by glimpse I mean a tiny, sliver of what they sacrifice, because lets be real, my husband is in Texas going to school. I get to talk him three times a day and visit when our schedules allow. With that said, there are no words to describe how much I miss all of the little things that I have become accustomed to in the last three years. I miss my best friend, for reals.  So to the husbands, wives and kids that spend months without seeing eachother and go extended periods of time without talking, my hat is off to you, you're all rockstars in my eyes.

While I would love to sit here and enjoy the massive pity party I am currently having, I am going to try and snap out of it. Mostly, because I think the crying girl in the corner is making the people around me uncomfortable. 

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