Friday, March 29, 2013

Days Like Lately

Go. Go. Go. Keep going.
One year four months and counting. I have given up “I” and became a “We” most days-almost all of my days- I love this. However, it’s the other days that I am so ashamed for the feelings  I am about to expose.
Some days I just miss having no one to worry about and just worry about me. Some days I miss eating an avocado for dinner and not worrying about my wifely duties of cooking (which I don’t) for two. Sometimes I miss the comfort of just getting and going without answering to where.
Marriage isn’t easy. I know many of you ladies can attest to that. Sometimes I feel alone with being the only one who struggles with giving up the “I” factor.  Days when every blog post, instagram, everything around you screams perfect marriage, happy family- and i feel like “what the hell am I doing wrong” where is my fairy tale- why doesn’t my house look like that ?!!? And then you realize your living your fairytale its just not what you imagined. Somedays its better.Some days its not.
Lately, I have felt like I have been emotionally and physically drained- wrapping up this semester and reaping the consequences of procrastination and a dirty house that has become victim to my work week. There is seriously little time to focus on my marriage, and I feel horrible saying that. But right now its my reality. Right now, I need to reevaluate this schedule I am juggling. Right now, I want to be at the beach. 
I need a v a c a t i o n. For real.

Emotionally Drained- Tired of School-Changing Job- BEYOND Stressed- Girl.

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