Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello Monday

Spring has sprung over at the Merrell house.

 Fresh flowers and burning candles  are in tune with the beautiful sunny skies and 80 degree weather.

 I think the much needed Vitamin D got rid of the crazy pale girl who invaded my body recently. Easter was wonderful and such a great reminder of what is truly important, my savior Jesus Christ. I am ashamed to say I take so many of my blessings for granted on a daily basis. I have decided to focus on the beautiful things that surround my life and put aside the stresses of the world. 

Today was a wonderful day and hey it was, Monday! 
 Here are some bits & pieces of lately: 

Hope you had a great Easter with the ones you love most.


  1. I, too, forget how blessed I am. Easter was a great reminder for me as well.
    I'm loving your teal/mint Converse, candle, basket and pants!! Favorite color

    1. Thanks! I can't get enough mint color in my life.. in love!

  2. Tulips have grown to be one of my favorite flowers. They're just so pretty!
    Your hair is gorgeous!!