Thursday, February 14, 2013

To My Darling Valentine

Dear Valentine,

Thank you for the chocolate chip pancakes this morning, I know it breaks your heart to get up early, so it means a lot & although our day is spent on different sides of the city while we work, know that my heart is with you (it always is). I cannot wait for our evening of fine dining & a hot date. Any excuse to celebrate love with you, is fine by me.  You do pretty good of spoiling me year round but I like the idea of you spicing things up on this day. Call me selfish, i can't help it!  On the real, thanks for being the best valentine and even better husband. You can "be mine" forever, I'll keep ya :)!

I love you x's infinity
I love you to the moon & back
I love you forever
I love you from the bottom of my soul,
the happiest girl in the world

This day at the beach ^ ended up being the day I fell head over heels for that cute boy *excuse the bad quality- iphone pics weren't what they are today :).


  1. Happy Valentines day love nugget(s)! Hope you and Chris have a sweet night, love you B!

  2. sooo cute. love that he made breakfast! happy love day! xo

  3. I absolutely love this... you have beautiful blog...

  4. oh yum chocolate chip pancakes lucky you!! what a wonderful breakfast to wake up too and how sweet of your man to get up early to make it for you. i hope you are having a great valentines day

  5. awww you guys are so cute :)
    husband made me breakfast too <3

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  6. So sweet, thanks for sharing...just wish you could've shared the pancakes!;)