Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Pops

I was never one of those girls who needed a boyfriend to make me feel worthy or beautiful. I truthfully didn't date many guys before Chris... I think that's because of you. With all humbleness, you never made me feel less than you world. I am the apple of your eye, which I may have used to my advantage a time or two. I have been blessed beyond measure to have you as my father and now of my dearest best friends. I look up to you with unwavering admiration. You provided a childhood filled with endless possibilities. I know with hard work I can make anything happen in this life, I owe that to you. When the possibility of marriage came up with Chris, my thoughts immediately flashed back to my childhood and you, the kind of father and man you are. You had shoes that not just any person could fill, it would take someone special. Chris was the first guy I thought had a chance. As time went on, I knew he would be a wonderful father, provider and husband... I saw a glimpse of you, Dad. You gave me a beautiful childhood something that has shaped my adult life, something I hope to provide to my own little people some day. You Dad, have shaped me. To know you are proud of me is a feeling that goes beyond words. Thank you for talking sense into me when I need most but also embracing my wildest dreams. You will always have my heart, no matter what I do or where I go, you will be with me.

Pops, I love you more than you know. 


  1. i really want to snag this and put it into a card for my dad. it truly captures the relationship that i have with my father. but i won't :) i really love the way you write, while i was reading you had me tearing up thinking about how special the relationship between a daughter and a dad can be. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, that is such a sweet comment, I really appreciate it! Feel free to borrow my words, I don't mind :]