Monday, February 11, 2013

Chris has a few words about the bachelor.

Last week Chris actually let me hold the remote for about twenty minutes. I mean this kind of thing does NOT happen around our house. During my twenty minutes of fame I tortured  my husband with my favorite show, the bachelor.

Here was Chris' reaction to losing his bachelor virginity (he has never seen the show, so he says.)

"I hate this show." (5x)
"This show is going to make these girls crazy." Hunny, they already are.
"This is a game show and you lost, he is definitely gonna break up with you" (Tierra showing up randomly)
"This show promotes polygomy."
"She is crazy."
"I hate this show."
"This show isn't real." this is where I got defensive, of course it is.
"He is a pimp these are his hoes?!"
"He is kissing them all.. and telling them all the same things?" spoken like a true gentleman
Me: Do you think she is pretty?
"No." --good answer babe.

After twenty minutes of listening to the peanut gallery i handed over my reigns of the remote and succumbed to watching prison break for the 8th million time, i mean it washis birthday week after all.

Note to self: save my shows for when the hubs is tucked away upstairs tonight.

(the gentleman i mentioned above, charming isn't he? )


  1. Ha! This sounds like the commentary in my home when we both watch the show. I especially love the "he's a pimp and these are his hoes" lol

  2. Haha! Your husband's comments are hilarious!!