Thursday, January 17, 2013


I promise this is the last post about my anniversary..maybe.
Prior to getting married, actually prior to a month before my anniversary I had no clue there were traditional wedding gifts you were supposed to get your hunny (thank you Bels)! Here are the first few years:

1. Paper
2. Cotton
3. Leather
4. Fruit, Flowers
5. Wood
the rest of the list can be seen here. 
Chris and I had decided we were going to exchange small gifts since our big gift to each other was spending our anniversary in Savannah, GA and to be completely honest that was plenty. But who doesn't love a gift, right? Year one. Paper. This was tough, what do you get a guy that is paper based?  So completely against my dads judgement (he thought my idea was lame) I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up a leather bound journal. I documented our year together and a few things from when we dated.. I put notes that I randomly wrote  to him in there, notes he wrote to me, photos, letters, etc. I guess you can say this is a gift for both of us and for our future children..yes sappy i know, but he loved it.. We decided we are going to write to each other at least once a month, even if its something small, preferably those things.

Chris didn't play by the traditional rules, typical. But he did manage to get me a necklace I have wanted foeva-eva.  Its this little gem, when you spin it, it says 'i love you'! He got it at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Savannah, GA. Our one year anniversary was an amazing way to finish the year and begin a new one!! Thanks for an amazing anniversary babe, i love you forever.


  1. Love this. And heck, I say talk about your anniversary as much as you want. It's a big deal!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love anniversaries and Savannah!

    I LOVE your spin on the traditional gift of paper! My hubby and I kept it super simple and did love letters to each other. I wish I had thought about doing something like this. I actually did document our "first year" in short, one liners of my favorite things/times about being married. I love that I have that to look back on. I"m sure this journal will be the same for you! (I apologize for all the exclamation points. I get excited about sweet things like this :)

    1. haha! I am an excited-typer also, I am guilty of over using exclamation points also, no worries :)

      & you can never go wrong with a love letter. I cherish those! Thanks for stopping by love!