Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dear 2012

What kind of blogger would I be if I didnt share my year in review? The narcissistic side of me would not let it slide. So even though its late, which is expected here it is, 2012 high and lows.

High-Cruisin' with my lover on our honeymoon, how I would love to be basking in the sun right about now.

High- We lost our minds and bought this little round chubby puppy, chevs.. that now weighs 85lbs.
his ears.. i know. they eventually dropped. haa

Low- I broke my foot, this wasnt my finest moment of 2012 as I gracefully tripped down my stairs. & yes, i told people chris pushed me

High-I graduated from the University of Tampa, this counteracted the broken foot.

High (for me)- I was jobless all summer.. which was kinda fun, that ended in august (high, for chris).

High/Low- Chris bought a sailboat this summer.. and named it after me. We sold it 10 days later.

HIGH! Chris & I moved into our home which is my all time favorite place ever! as i think every home should be.

HIGH! Chris and I ran away to the most adorable Beach Cottage for a long weekend, one of my favorite memories from this was perfect.

High-The elections came. We went to rallys and got involved.
Romney lost (low.)

High- We hosted our first family holiday, Thanksgiving. It turned out lovely if I may say so myself.
low- not enough honey baked ham.

low-it was hot all christmas.

High- Chris and I celebrated our one year anniversary in Savannah, Ga with my best friend and her love, it was wonderful!

So overall 2012, you weren't too shabby.. I actually enjoyed you a lot.
Cheers to 2013, i know you're gonna be a good one!