Monday, November 19, 2012

Four 1/2 years ago..

Four 1/2 years ago I was graduating high school and heading off to college. I knew everything, duh. Life was going to turn out a little something like this:

I would be in law school (so happy that didn't work out as planned) 

I would probably still be single (happy that didn't work out either) I was getting married around 30 once by big ol' career was started..geesh that ego. Oh & no kids  (ew, WHO was I?)

I would still be hanging out with my best friends (happy the good ones are still around).

I would probably be working in a law firm (assisting lawyers now, grateful for my job, its just not what I imagined) 

I would be far far far away from my hometown (silly girl)

and I definitely would be living the American-look-at-me-doing-big-things-dream.

However, life has a way of taking your plans and throwing them out the window and in return great things happen.Four-ish years ago if you told me I would be married at 22, involved in my local church (with an amazing church family), wanting lots of babies, and heading to grad school in January (yayy!) to become a high school teacher I would've surely recommended you to the nearest loony-bin. My life is nothing I ever planned yet it is so much greater and fuller than my wildest dreams.

Lord, thank you for ruining my plans and giving me something far more beautiful.

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