Monday, November 19, 2012

a florida winter wish list:

Winter has arrived, and by arrived I mean 50 degree lows and 70 degree highs. I do not know how to act! I am beyond excited.. what does this mean? sweaters and boots and scarves and boots. yes yes yes! I think i've been pretttty good this year and considering I have put together a little list for Santy Claus that I thought you would enjoy:

Dear Santa (Chris),

1. I am in dire need of these Via Spiga booties from Nordstrom.. they are on sale! juss sayin'
Via Spiga 'Sophie' Bootie
1.5 Or these Kate Spade booties..also at my beloved Nordies

kate spade new york 'saundra' bootie

2. This beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs camera bag.. the canon needs it.
Pinned Image

3. A monogram necklace.. with my new initials
Pinned Image

4. An oversized sweater or 5!
Pinned Image
5. Some new jewels
 Leopard & Spikes, WatchC. Wonder Forget Me Knot Bangle

6.But mostly, I would love a cold Christmas, with lots of twinkly Christmas lights starting now.
Colorful Christmas tree

I know its not Thanksgiving yet and believe me I love Thanksgiving too, but I am totally that girl who would have all her Christmas decorations up year round if society wouldnt be so judgemental!
On that note Happy Monday! What is on your wish list? 

*although all of these things are wonderful lets not forget the real reason of the holiday season, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. ok I just commented on a different post, but can I just steal your Christmas list? haha love it all. the boots at the top are to die for.

    1. Absolutely! i know i totally need them!