Monday, December 8, 2014

A Last Minute Trip to Birmingham

Nearly a year has passed since we have been back to Chris' hometown. We typically make a few trips throughout the year but 2014 has kept us especially busy. Last week we decided on a whim to book flights to Birmingham to visit Chris' family. After almost missing our connecting flights on our way there and our way back, we made it! Going home is always bittersweet for Chris, he would like nothing more than to move back. However, our jobs and families make living in the sunshine state rather appealing to me. It actually shocks me a bit that we are still here, we never planned to stay in Florida after we got married but life happened and our roots deepened. Part of me would love to experience life in another state, but letting go of a place I have called home for 25 years seems impossible.

Have you moved for the sake of a lifestyle change or new scenery?  What was your experience?

Bits and pieces of Birmingham:


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