Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Inspired


First things first—I am about 3 finals from being a grad school dropout.  Seriously. After deciding law school was not for me—I decided to go back for a master’s in teaching. Well, I don’t think that is for me either. However, with a wasted semester of grad school,  I think I have figured things out a bit.

I recently mentioned I was switching jobs. What I didn’t mention is that my new job is a dream. I am working for a social media company. I get paid to go on facebook, twitter, pinterest and blog. WHAAAAT. not kidding. this job exists. I update clients facebook/twitters/etc daily. I get a chance to write about various topics of my choice for the most part. I never considered taking a job in writing it’s always been more of hobby (grammar is far from my strong point!). Decisions have been made -- I will be taking some time off of school and reevaluating what I want to get my masters degree in. I definitely plan on going back, I just want to be sure it is for something I am truly passionate about.  

That brings me to part two of this post. It's cheesy so bare with me--
Sometimes dreams change and that is okay. Regardless if they are our lifetime dreams or a new dream we can not forget to chase them. If we give up our inspiration, we give up a part of who we are. I know this first hand because I was on the verge of settling for the aspect of "comfort". I believe the most beautiful things come from a place far away from our comfort zone.

I know this is rambling-heavy-heart post but who knows maybe someone needs a little inspiration this weekend :)

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