Wednesday, March 6, 2013

somethings gotta give

dear my neglected blog,

I do not know how to start this post because I have a hundred thoughts running through my mind at once that would like to be jotted down. As of late things have been non-stop with midterms knocking at my front door I have been stressed the freak out. Seriously, a crazy person has invaded my body, my hubs will attest to this.

So, I panicked on Sunday and dropped one of my four classes. Everyone who loves me told me "it's totally okay" "you have too much on your plate" "you can only do so much"-yes this made me feel better but no I still felt like crap about bailing out. I mean I knew going into this semester it was going to be rough- four grad classes, working 40 hours a week, volunteering at church, a house, dogs, yanno life. Well, rough was an understatement. I lost it. I mean tears and all. I thought I could balance my schedule. I figured, hey I am 23, I am young, I can do this. Well apparently, this 23 year old needs sleep and a maid and anxiety meds. So long story short although dropping a class was like losing a limb, I managed.. my hubs and I joined our lovely friends for some celebratory-grad class drop out- dessert at the melting pot and well, everything was better.

Well I must go nurse my other three-fun-sucking-classes.
Cheers to only 3 more days until Spring Break and a glimpse of sanity.


ps: thanks momma for cleaning up my house, youre a life saver. I love you!

+ day at the puppy park

+ new piece of furniture I have no where to put but it made my heart skip a beat.
+ homework & a sun bather
+new desh & new clear chair, thanks ikea.

+hubs & i at breakfast.
disclaimer: horrible pic, but a christmas mug, really? in february.. i couldnt be happier.


  1. Pups make it all better at the end of the day!

  2. I can't get over how cute your doggies are!!

    Love your sunnies...and breakfast WITH a christmas mug?? That's a great meal right there!