Tuesday, February 26, 2013

l o v e & a late valentines day post.

On Valentines Day Chris & I left our cell phones at home & GUESS WHAT, we survived. It wasn't easy but we managed ;). I took the handy dandy canon out with me & took some real pictures and by real I mean blurry and without instagram. Hence, the non-existant pictures in this post, forgive me.

Since my dad owns a restaurant, Valentines dinner is usually spent there because where are you gonna get a filet mignon & lobster tail fo free? Or your whole family together at once? So Chris & I shared our love with my entire family and some friends. We have our own one on one dates 5 nights a week because I rarely cook-so we go out on hot dates regularly (sometimes repelling domestic skills pays off)! It truly turned out to be a beautiful evening filled with laughter and love.

My parents have been divorced since I was 8, it amazes me til this day that they are able to put the past in the past and move on & love each other as friends for the sake of my brother & I. With that said, my mom & stepdad + his family all sat around the table with dad + his family. As I sat back and took a look around the table and my little sister hugging her "uncle" felix & "aunt" becky (my dad + his wife) I couldnt help but smile. It occured to me again this is what true love is. 

 Love is in the chaos of my crazily mixed family. Love was last night curled up eating chocolate chip cookies & ending my night with my overly hyper puppies & husband by my side. Between school, homework, work, and the hustle & bustle of life I sometimes forget to remember that love is in these little moments. Thanks valentines day, you were a beautiful reminder.


  1. well, that is beautiful... really... being able to spend time with both of your parents who still love each other and respevt each other even as friends... and to spend time together with their families... something you don't see much these days... love it... it shows how much they love you and your brother :)


  2. That sounds like a truly beautiful V-Day! I love that you didn't take your phones - my hubby and I should really try that :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog

  3. I wish more people would be able to put aside the pain of the past and accept each other as friends in the present and future. I'm so glad this works out for your family.