Monday, February 4, 2013


The hubs has a big birthday celebration coming up this week & I couldn't more excited & unprepared! I truly love birthdays and I think everyone should feel super special on that day. However, this year as my luck would have it I have to work all day and I have class until 8pm on his birthday. And considering we are usually in bed by 10 that leaves little room for a fabulous birthday. So little does he know I am starting his birthday celebrations today. So this morning I asked him on a surprise date and I will be taking him to one of the nicer steakhouses we have locally! I mean what guy or girl doesn't foam at the mouth for a great filet mignon?

Greatest advice I was given about marriage: "the best way to a guys heart is through his stomach." I am a horrible cook but lucky for me I know of some great restaurants!


  1. Ha, cute post. If you can't cook. Restaurants are the next best thing.

    1. Thank you :) I am in total agreement & not to mention no clean up!!