Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fifteen Things You Should Know About My Husband

One. He is “allergic” to almost all things healthy, except green beans he likes those.
Two. His favorite music is rap..still shocks me today.
Three. He hates the slightest amount of light when he is trying to sleep, (I am scared of the dark, yup)
Four. He can only sleep in a made bed. He has been known to wake up in the middle of night to remake it, soo weird.
Five. He wants to be a daddy.
Six. He LOVES soda.
Seven .And fast food.
Eight. He is the best husband in the whole wide world.
Nine. He is going to school to get his pilot’s license.
Ten. He surprised me with my furbaby, elle when we were dating.(at this moment, I knew he was the one)
Eleven: He only likes to wear sperrys.
Twelve: He watches twilight with me, and likes it shh.
Thirteen: He makes me happy.
Fourteen. He bought a sailboat and named it after me, we sold it 10 days later.
Fifteen. He doesn’t dye his hair (you’d be shocked on the amount of people who ask him this)

  oh, & i love him, a lot!

Happy Thursday one day away from Friday!

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