Thursday, October 11, 2012

Slow down or extend the days.. I need more time.

Time seems to be disappearing at an unprecedented rate. I seriously don't know where my days have gone... I guess that's part of the post-college-grown-up-9 to 5-days.. not a fan to be completely honest. I miss college. A LOT. especially, "voluntary fridays" for sure. So that's probably why I am going back in January to get my masters (kidding, kinda).

Okay, now update of the super-fast week:
Weekend, great way too short. Went to the local farmers market with chevs(big mistake) he proceeded to lick every small child we past in the face, no manners. Sorry chevs most parents don't like their 3 year old getting slobbered on by a 70lb pup. Save your kisses (chevy had to go home..) Then we went back and got some fresh veggies and fruit -puppy free. Watched Chris drink fresh coconut, hilarious. If it's not greasy, its not for him. & got some fresh honey, obsessed. We concluded our weekend with a Sunday spent at church, best way to spend a Sunday if you ask me.

Then the work week began, and I remembered how I miss college and sleeping in. And now its Thursday and my entire week has been swallowed by endless hours of job and laundry.. and unpacking, yes still unpacking.We did get to squeeze in a few great things this week so far: like mommas birthday, and her and Damons anniversary, mochi berry (thanks babe, im addicted), and a.. turkey, thanks chris? funny story behind this --I will share soon. On other happy notes, tomorrow is Friday, Praise God. & We are going to celebrate that wonderful little ladies 46th Birthday (hope you don't mind I put your age, momma but Delanie already told everyone anyway! )

I hope your week has been wonderful and slower than mine!

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