Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello October!

Hello Hello! I am not sure where this year has gone. I can't believe October has already creeped up on us! It still feels like July here in Florida.. that's probably why it's so hard to believe. However, I absolutely love the holidays and I am so excited about my light up pumpkin I found at Homegoods, best $20 I have ever spent!

Well after a very long and exhausting weekend of moving, Chris and I have finally settled into our new house! I couldn't be happier about the way everything turned out, our fingerprints seem to be everywhere, it feels like home. On a side note..I truly hate moving, I think it's awful. Without my husbands sweet spirit this weekend, I probably would have lost my mind. Thank you babe, for rehanging the same picture 10 times because I changed my mind..in every room. I will forever be the luckiest girl in the world with you by my side.

One of my best friends met me for lunch yesterday with her sweet baby, Braxton (talk about baby fever over here!) I love getting to see them, thanks for hiking it downtown to meet me on my lunch hour, Bels!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your lovies!

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