Thursday, September 27, 2012

Change is Good.

Happy Thursday (Friday for me)!

Tomorrow is the big day! Chris and I are finally moving! We have been in between houses now for  two months. We have been staying with mom which has been fun, exciting, and stressful at times. I love my mom, she is the best friend and mentor a girl could ask for. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our late night chats that I’ve missed so dearly. She also has been beyond helpful with my two pups, they are not easy to take care of, believe me. I started a new job in July working downtown for a few lawyers, after my commute to and from work I have about a 10 hour day which is brutal on the pups’  bladder (thank you nana- from elle & chevs) you have saved them from many hours of boredom, thank you again & again.  For the last few months Chris and I, well me mostly, have been shopping around accumulating things we need for our new house(you should see my car’s trunk..yikes!) I can’t wait to move into our cozy little house with our two furry children and see all of our recent purchases turn this house into our home. Thanks babe for putting up with what seemed like never ending shopping trips, I know it kills you.

On top of all of this moving, we have had a sick pup for about two weeks. Meet Elle, up close and personal: our million dollar pup.

Elle, somehow, got a scratch on her eye and has been to the vet about 3 times in the past week because her mama is freaking out, I hate to see her little eye hurt. So best of luck to me and this sweet girl on our moving weekend with a cone around her face, it will be interesting, as always!

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