Friday, October 19, 2012

What Happy Feels Like

1.A close relationship with your Savior
2.Waking up to your best friend every day
3.Suprise flowers at work
4.Two hyper-puppies (only a dog mama could love) greeting you at the door
5.Husband taking me to Mochi Berri on bad days and good days too
6.Saturdays at the farmers market
7.A mommy who walks my dogs for me almost every day while I am at work (You're the best momma)
8. My church family
9.HUGE puppy ears... Oh, Chevs!  
10.Fresh flowers
11.A dad who stocks your fridge on occasion like your still in college, thanks pops!
12.Best friends who always make you giggle and have dance parties when you need it most
14.Surprise dinners from husband after a long boring day at work
15.Food in general
16.The beach during winter in husbands sweater(s)
17.Christmas [hurry]
19.Church ministry
20.Cleaning out your closet
21.Waking up to a clean kitchen.
22.Praying with husband

I am sure the list could go on and on forever.. but my lunch break is almost over.

Happy Friday-Happy Weekend-Happy Girl!

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