Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Arby's Guy

I left a revival service at church this week and Chris insisted he needed Arby' being the good wife that I am I volunteered to go since he had a couple errands to run before heading home. As I sat through the never-ending line I was having a conversation with my mom regarding the salvation of some family members. And maybe just maybe, I raised my voice a little when I said 'salvation' so the Arby's guy could hear what I was saying. Then it happened, he asked me if I was talking about "pain of salvation" and I kind of chuckled because I had no idea what he meant and I replied "no, I am talking about the plan of salvation, you know...the gospel" then I froze.

 I had just handed out my last track about 10 minutes before. The line was long behind me so without another word, I grabbed my bag and drove off. The entire way home, I considered turning around to go ask the Arby's guy about the status of his soul. Was he saved? Did he know Jesus Christ? But...I didn't. It was late, I had to work the next day, you know how it goes.

Arby's Guy,

I am sorry, I didn't have a track with the plan of salvation to give to you. I should have turned around and went back, because your soul and eternity is important. The truth is you probably didn't think twice about our conversation but days later, it's still heavy on my heart. Next time, I will have a track and the courage I need to talk to you and the many others that need it about the greatest gift.

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