Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a turkey story..

I know im late.. but that is expected..

This year Chris & I volunteered our home for Thanksgiving. Chris and I both come from divorced families, hence, four sets of parents/grandparents can be hard to split the holidays between soo in order to share our holidays with everyone we love, we decided to host. And with hosting came lots of decorating, which I love.  Here was the beautiful outcome of hectic last minute plans, mishaps, and confusion. I wouldn't have rather spent my Thanksgiving Day with more lovely people.

We were sad Grandpa Beach (stepmom's dad) and family were unable to attend. He has been going through intense chemotherapy/radiation. He was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Since he was unable to leave his house we spent our morning with him and the Beach family. He is one of the most encouraging people I have ever met, a godly man with a heart of gold. Grandpa Beach, I am thankful for you and your rejoiceful spirit under all circumstances.

I hope your holiday was fabulous and you spent it with the ones you love most.



  1. Everything turned out great B! Can't wait to come slumby over there with you and Chris hehe

  2. That looks beautiful! I love the outdoor lights and the spread of food looks divine. x