Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ketchup, Catch-up.

Its Thursday and here I am again a week late filling you in on my life that only exists for 48 hours a week....Saturday & Sunday. I feel like my life is just zooming by.. this working stuff blows but then again, so does living without electricity. I knew 17 was my prime. I feel like shaking children like Adam Sandler does in Billy Madison telling them never to grow up. Although being a grown does have a 401k and health.. just kidding. Adult life provides the ability to:

1.Decorate Your Christmas tree however you want.. ahem, colorful lights thanks dad for depriving me of the white trash-multilight-mixmatching ornaments-beautiful-tree. As an adult, I get to decorate my tree with an outlandish number of strands of multi lights to my likings and leave it lit all day.

2. You get to get married and pass on all the chores you hated to your husband, dishes for example.

3. You get to have as many dogs as you want, sometimes when im cleaning up dog piss I wish I would of listened to my parents.

4. You can eat out 5 days a week.

5. I think that's it, hence, being an adult isn't as cool as it seems.

Anyway excuse that random rant, back to what I was saying.. 48 hours of bliss.
Well this past weekend our NYC girls weekend was officially cancelled due to Sandy. Prayers to all who were affected. Being a Floridian for all of my 22, almost 23 years I know all about those bastard storms.  In lieu of a cancelled trip I decided to enjoy my Friday that I already requested off. And let me tell you, I think I need every Friday off and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.. I was so productive! I toyed with my domestic side and cleaned the entire house, cooked dinner, ran errands, and did wifely things, I kinda liked it actually. And to make my day even better my hubs surprised me with a little gem as an early birthday gift, a canon t3i. SERIOUSLY, I DIED. So excited. Now just figuring out how to operate that thing. I took a photography class in Italy as an undergrad- best time of my life- and learned so much. Unfortunately, all of that knowledge has left me and I thought it might come back, but I was so wrong. I spent Saturday with little miss sassy-frass, Delanie. My seven year old sister. She’s hilarious, I love her to the moon and back. We went to the farmers market and ate delicious unhealthy food and met up with my two beautiful friends, Lex and Marisa and Hunty, Marisas boyfrann theyre so cute- get married already! It is so wonderful to see them. I am blessed girl to have those two in my life.

On other news, one of my dearest friends gave birth to a perfectly healthy little girl on Sunday after 30 hours in labor she deserves a congrats! I love you Rachel and your sweet Raye of sunshine you welcomed into this world!

Now Friday, I am demanding you show up on my door step ASAP!

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